why we're here​
We believe that a major shift
in the way we're living as a society,
and that developing a generally selfless and giving nature
among us,
is essential to maintaining
and improving both our world community,
and the stunning lands that we're fortunate enough
to have to explore.
The earth has provided us with all that we have.
Nourishment, water, fuel, companionship
and a place to call our home.
It is up to us to take it upon ourselves to protect our home,
so that she can continue to provide
for generations to come. 

We feel that it is absolutely critical
that we come together,
and that we
each take the commitment to change personally.

This is why we are here.
This is our version of taking responsibility
and supporting 
the change that we want to see in the world.

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earthling products is an opportunity to back one the organizations listed

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The Access Fund
The Access Fund is an Organization dedicated to the maintenance and preservation of our public lands. This Organzation is commited to keeping public lands open to the public. And to managing and minimizing the environmental impacts of both climbers and tourists, alike
As devoted climbers ourselves, the Access fund is an organization that we take a lot of pride in supporting. Although this organization is primarily geared towards protecting climbing areas and educating climbers, we feel it's important to point out that climbers are a breed driven by asthetics and beauty, and the areas that The Access Fund is striving to protect are amoung the most stunning and wild out there.
We highly recomend checking out their website, and if you're not climbing already,
Get out there and give it a go. You may just fall head over heels like we have.
Wildlife Consevation Network
The Wildlife Conservation Network is taking an innovative, unique approach to protecting endangered species and their habitats. By choosing to alocate your portion of proceeds to the Wildlife Conservation Network, you are helping to fund and provide the necessary equiment to independent wilderness conservationists in a multitude of ongoing efforts. These efforts include, but are certainly not limited to; protecting Elephants, Snow Leopards, Penguins, and one of our personal favorites, The Ethiopian Wolves. 
Not only are the good folks at WCN working to protect endangered species, but they're also developing groundbreaking new ways for human kind and our fellow animal earthlings to seamlessly coexist.We love this organization because we absolutely believe that bringing together a multitude of brilliant and likeminded individuls and organizations is an effective, and truly respectable way of getting things done.  Just click on the photo to check out WCNs website.
Ocean Conservancy
We are all tragically aware by now of the perpetually diminishing state of our oceans. 
The Ocean Consevancy is putting massive effort into cleaning up our oceans, ridding them of waste and making efforts to protect, preserve, and revive vital pieces of our ocean ecosystems. Furthermore, Ocean Consevancy is striving to develop further means of sustainable fishing  to combat the detremental impact  that poor fishing practices are having on ocean wildlife. 
Considering that our oceans are absolutely crucial to maintaining world health, we consider this matter fairly pressing and highly encourage you to check out Ocean Concervancys website and to see what they're up to and  what more you can do to support their efforts. 
Doctors of the World
We are incredibly proud to support and provide funding for Doctors of the World. This organization is comprised of highly educated individuals that are stepping beyond the profitability of private healthcare and directing their efforts where it matters most. Doctors of the World not only acknowledges good health as a fundemental human right, but has dedicated team members that are out there, acting on those beliefs and servicing the needs of the most vunerable communities. They are currently serving impoverished communities through over 350 programs, in over 80 countries, and have attended to the needs of over 4 million people worldwide. At earthling products, we've got nothing but love for and admiration for this establishment and all of the good they're doing for our fellow members of the human race. We wholeheartedly support this cause and these individuals and feel that theirs is a cause that deserves our support and our finacial backing.  
Don't see an organization that makes your heart skip a beat?
we love hearing your feedback and want to make as much of an impact as possible.
please let us know of any organization that you feel deserves our attention, so we can include it in the future!
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